13 reasons why you should use Linux

In case you are wondering why you should bother yourself to learn a new operating system? Because my dear friend Linux is way better in every aspect as compared to Windows. If you don’t think the same just stick till the end of this article and I can promise you that you’ll be questioning your choice to install Windows.
An average Windows user doesn’t even feel like they need something else other than what Windows is already offering. And the fact that it gets slow and sluggish over time with the same stupid updates frustrating you every other day. Yet you get to know that your machine gets infected with some sort of malware or virus because you trusted windows defender or any other free antivirus software. 
You don’t have to be a computer geek to understand this article.

1. Can run on almost any system

You are well aware of the fact that windows need some decent level of hardware configuration to run properly (minimum requirements is a gimmick). But with Linux, you can easily find a distribution that is perfect for your system configuration. 
Most of them work perfectly on newer systems and distributions like Lubuntu, Puppy Linux, and Bodhi Linux will definitely revive your older systems as well. Don’t change the system for the Operating system instead do the opposite, Linux has your back.

2. Runs smooth for ages

Any Windows user will admit that their machine doesn’t run as smooth as when it used to be new. And many of you like to reinstall Windows just to taste the fast and snappy experience sadly for a month or two. It gets worse and worse over time for some users.
It is not the same case with Linux you don’t even need to regularly update the system to make it work perfectly. Just install it once and It’ll work flawlessly till death (not actually). You definitely will not have the same issue with Linux whatsoever.

3. Linux is open source

Linux being open source means anyone can look at its core files and their source codes (what really inside and what its really made of). It might not sound that much of a bigger deal but believe me, it is. It builds trust between the operating system and the user. You really don’t have to worry about anything suspicious within the operating system itself.
You can look at Linux source files here.

4. Community Support

group of penguins
The community has played a major role in the success of the Linux operating system. It doesn’t require you to pay an expert to resolve the issue you are having. Just search the problem online and there are very high chances that the problem is already reported and resolved. If not, you can ask for help on any Linux forum and others will surely answer you with a meaningful solution to your issue at no cost.
Members of these forums are willing to help on any new issue and you can expect a reply within minutes. The community is really active and helpful to newcomers and always welcome valid questions and reasonable issues.

5. Can be customized

Xfce 4 (Linux desktop environment) customizated
For those of you bored with the looks of the same desktop. Although Windows provides support for themes. But if you look at the level of customization Linux is offering you, you definitely wouldn’t call changing wallpaper and color accents “customizing”. 
Linux gives you the power to customize your overall experience the way you like. Of course, it will require you to put some effort into getting to know the customization option it is offering. You can easily search for that on Youtube or Google.

6. Security

Linux Security
One of the reasons most of the users switch from Windows to either a Mac or Linux. Despite the countless numbers of updates Windows gets, the fact that it is and will be the most vulnerable operating system. Since it is the most popular OS it is obvious that attackers and hackers are more willing to create threats for Windows bypassing the security every time.
This doesn’t affect Linux users (it sure isn’t invulnerable at all) because the same attackers also use Linux to create those threats. With Linux, you don’t even need any kind antivirus at all just update it every week and you are good.

7. Respects your privacy

Microsoft has continuously received criticism about how it collects user data. The latest iteration of Windows (i.e Windows 10) doesn’t seem to step back from your data. Even if you choose not to send Microsoft about your data, it is still been collected. So, there’s nothing you could do about it till you stick it to it.
It would be a good reason for you to choose Linux. Since the distributions do not collect much data (or not at all). And they actually tell you what they are collecting and why they are collecting.

8. Perfect for programming

You can definitely do programming on Windows but its nothing compared to what Linux has to offer. It comes with the support of almost all major programming languages (Python, C/C++, Java, Ruby, Perl, etc.) out of the box. Along with that, Linux supports all major IDEs (Sublime Text 3, VSCode, Atom, PyCharm, etc.).
Programming JavaScript on Linux with VSCode
The cherry on the cake Linux Terminal has to offer some serious advantages over the Windows command line. It makes it easy for you to install libraries, frameworks, and dependencies. Also, you don’t have to require an external package manager like Chocolatey for Windows, Linux comes with a pretty powerful one. It has almost similar functionality as on a Mac Terminal.

9. Doesn’t need rocket science to install

Okay, Windows doesn’t need either, the reason I mention this point is to address some users who have in their mind that it needs a computer geek to install Linux on a system. Although it used to be before, it is now easier than ever to install it. You can easily find a youtube video guiding you through the full installation of your favorite distributions.
But for your first-time installation, I recommend you install Linux the safer way just so you get the idea of it.

10. Step outside the reboot cycle

Windows restarting
It is a tradition for Windows to reboot after you make changes to your system. 
  • Installed a software, reboot!
  • Uninstalled a software, reboot!
  • Let’s bother the user with an update and reboot!
  • Let’s slow this thing down and make the user reboot!
It’s definitely not the case with Linux, it doesn’t bother you for stupid things. You can continue to work without worrying about rebooting the system for things mentioned above.

11. Maintenance is Easy

maintenance tools
It is comparatively easy to maintain Linux than Windows. In the case of Linux, an update also takes care of all Softwares along with the operating system. And you have the complete control of updates, unlike Windows (and remember Linux doesn’t reboot!). The updates are much faster, with more noticeable changes and don’t force you to update.

12. You are the one who chooses

It is one of my favorite things about Linux which gives complete freedom to its users to actually choose what they want. And this gives Linux more edge over any other operating system. Windows 10 comes with a Home edition and a Pro edition (more or less the same) while Linux provides Hundreds of Distribution if not thousands and a good amount of Desktop Environments to choose from.
You are the one who chooses which Distribution is perfect for you, which Desktop do you prefer, do you want extra applications (bloatware for some) after installation or not, do you want to update the system or not and much more freedom is given to you. 

13. And yes Linux is free

You don’t need an extra $119 or $199 to boot your system up when Linux can do it for free. Just borrow a pc from your friend and flash the Linux Distribution of your choice in a Pendrive or CD and you are ready to install it on your system. You can save those extra bucks for further upgrading your system ( buy an SSD or extra ram). Or you can donate to your favorite distribution provider as much as you like.


Linux seems to be too good to be true. But the thing is it is good enough to make anyone consider it over any other operating system. Since you have used Windows for a long time and it might not be easy for you to start using something else right away. But as a matter of fact Linux worth it. You will not be disappointed when you really get familiar with the Linux operating system. And it is very normal for beginners to get overwhelmed by the options Linux provides so, sit tight and enjoy the process.
Do you consider that Linux is better than Windows? And how do you Like it? Tell us down the comments.

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