How to Setup KDE Connect on your Device

KDE Connect is probably the most underrated feature of KDE plasma. You can not find a feature like this on any other desktop environment. There’s always more to KDE that doesn’t fail to surprise, being one of the best Linux Desktop Environment as of 2019. Now enough of praising and lets KDE connect your device to PC.
KDE Connect is basically an inbuilt plasma feature which allows your system to interact with your android smartphone or vice-versa. It has several practical use cases any type of user can take advantage of. 

KDE Connect Usecases

I’ll start by listing down some of its practical use cases so you can understand why it is such a bigger deal.

KDE connect all features and functionality
    1. You can share files (photos, videos and anything) between your android device and PC. It can also connect the local storage of your smartphone to your PC so that you can easily access the content of it without needing to share every time.
    2. Sync notifications between your devices. So that you can receive all of your notifications on one screen, it can even notify you of your incoming calls while you are working all on your PC.
    3. Sync your clipboards between your devices so that you can share the clipboard contents.
    4. Use your android device as a remote input device for your PC. It can act as a trackpad and a keyboard and even both at the same time. Similarly, you can type on your android device via your PC keyboard. 
    5. You can use your smartphone as a Slideshow remote and even as a Multimedia control device for your PC.
    6. You can run commands remotely like log off or shutting down your pc and all by your smartphone.
    7. There are some more features like sending and replying text messages on your phone your PC. You can ring your phone so that you can find it via your PC.

How to Setup Your Devices

After going through all the use cases, I bet you’ve found some helpful features for yourself. Now, it is time for the setup.
1. Head to the play store on your android device and search for “KDE Connect” or follow this link and hit install.

KDE connect on Play store
2. Make sure your android device is on the same network as your PC. Or you can create a personal hotspot and connect your PC to it.
3. Now open the app, and you’ll be able to see the name of your PC listed. Select it and tap on REQUEST PAIRING.
Devices list

4. Your PC should prompt for a pairing request, click Accept.
kde connect pairing request  prompt
5. Now the pairing is done, you’ll be displayed all the functionality of KDE Connect. Note that some features need additional permissions to work. Tap the feature and give it the required permission to make it work.
permission prompt
You can review and change all the plugins setting by accessing the three-dot menu. And unpair the devices later if you want.
KDE Connect plugin settings

Final Notes

The KDE Connect setup is relatively simple and straight-forward. And don’t worry about the permissions you have to give since it is an open-source project you can look at the source. It is completely safe and only asks for the permissions required for its features to work. I personally use it all the time for things like sharing the screenshots, media and the notification sync is my favourite feature.
And in case you are wondering the files you share goes to the Downloads folder (I don’t know why it doesn’t tell you about it). 
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