Oracle Autonomous Linux: World’s First Autonomous OS

Oracle Autonomous Linux Operating System has been recently announced to simplify common complications with server-sided maintenance. It has become the first operating system that has the ability to scale, patch, and maintain could servers while running simultaneously.
This autonomous OS can do all that without requiring any human supervision. Which means faster security patches with little to no server downtimes.
Along with the Autonomous Linux, Oracle has also announced Oracle OS Management Service. This service allows users to choose whether they want the server to be manually controlled or automated.

First Autonomous Linux OS

The operating system was announced this week by Larry Ellison (Oracle co-founder and chief technology officer) at the firm’s OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. It became the world’s first autonomous operating system capable of tuning and patching itself while running.

According to the company, the operating system will be available to their existing Cloud Infrastructure customers at no extra cost.
Some Key Features of the Linux Autonomous OS covers:
  • Faster and automated security patches. Thus eliminating the risk of possible attacks caused by any known exploits.
  • Cutting down server downtime caused by frequent restarts. The system keeps on running while doing the maintenance itself.
  • Auto-scaling which means the system can scale up or down without any human interaction. Which further cuts down the human workload.
  • Excluding any human errors making it more secure. 
The company has made some bold claims about the system and technology behind it. The system takes advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence to run the system on autopilot. No doubt the OS has some serious potential. But this also means there would be a significant decrease in server maintenance and related jobs in the near future. 
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